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Introducing Bundled Retargeting Strategy
Introducing Bundled Retargeting Strategy

Recommend which retargeting and prospecting campaigns you need to build for your Shopify store.

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Hey there,

We have just launched our new feature, Bundled Retargeting Strategy, which helps you design your retargeting funnel much easier!

Sometimes, it's hard to know what kind of advertising or retargeting campaigns you need to create. We also got lots of these questions from merchants.

For now, based on your store traffic, profile, and our abundant experiences, our app is able to recommend a bundled package campaigns that better optimize your retargeting funnel.

You can find it very easily when creating a campaign in our app:

Please feel free to try it out and chat with us if you have any feedback or feature requests. πŸ˜ƒ


Akohub Team

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