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Retargeting with Shopify discounts
Retargeting with Shopify discounts

Add Shopify built-in discount features into Akohub app. Gain more conversions with your discount campaigns.

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Hi there,

We just launched a new feature - Retargeting with Shopify discounts!

This newly released feature can let you add a discount code in the ad message, thus attracting price-sensitive customers. This is especially useful for Website Visitors Retargeting. You can provide a discount to those who have visited your website/product pages or abandoned a cart timely and further boost your sales conversion rates. Chances are customers are just not satisfied with the price.

Pro tips: Create a new discount code for each campaign. Therefore, you can easily track performance by checking discount code usage.

It's worth noting that you should use a discount code that is eligible for every customer. Otherwise, some potential customers may be frustrated when finding out they can't apply the discount code.


Akohub Team

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