Ako Retargeting plays an important role to further boost up your sale! Your regular Facebook ads help you reach new users and the custom audience you set up. However, Ako Retargeting helps you reach customers who visited your store and left with an empty cart, and visitors who abandoned the cart.

Based on your visitors' behavior on your website and the type of retargeting campaign (website visitor retargeting, dynamic product retargeting, etc) you would like to set up, our system will automatically create a retargeting audience that is most suitable for your store. Furthermore, we automatically create a Facebook Product Catalog and sync your latest product information on a daily basis.

With these features, you would be able to only widen the reach of your ad campaign tremendously, but also make the most efficient use of your ad budget, reaching the people you care most about, at the right timing and at the right placement with the advance optimization setting we have available for you.

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