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What is Ako Retargeting?
How can Ako Retargeting help my business?
How can Ako Retargeting help my business?

What does Ako Retargeting do

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Ako Retargeting helps your business reach new prospect audiences who showed interest in products similar to yours and expand your audience pool, as well as retarget your potential customers by delivering the most relevant product information and get them back to your website and purchase.

Example 1

A baking enthusiast called Jean often browses on Facebook and Instagram to look for baking tools. Let’s say one day you have decided to launch a new baking equipment store online, how are you going to increase brand and product exposure? Ako Retargeting would be able to help you reach people like Jean with prospect targeting ads and further expose your business to people with similar interests, and direct them to your website!

Example 2

Now you have succeeded in directing Jean to your website. Jean browsed through your website and showed interest in several of your products. However, she did not log in to become your member and left without buying any of the products she added to her cart. Wondering how you can re-engage with Jean?

Ako Retargeting can help! We use the most powerful marketing technology, dynamic ads with event tracking, to reach Jean on the available Facebook placements again. We memorize the products she likes and shows her those products on her Facebook timeline to remind and catch her attention to purchase. This way, you can easily get her back to become a real customer.

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