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How to create a Sequential Retargeting campaign?
How to create a Sequential Retargeting campaign?

Steps to set up sequential retargeting for a Website Visitor Retargeting campaign

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You can set up a Sequential Retargeting campaign to avoid delivering the same repetitive ads and provide a sequence of experiences to your website visitors when they leave your website, product pages, or abandoned a cart. You can create a Website Visitor Retargeting campaign using Sequential Retargeting. Take a look at the following steps to learn how to setup your campaign:

1. Open Ako Retargeting App, and click the “Campaigns” tab on the upper left side.

2. Click “+ Create Campaign


3. Click on the middle Funnel “Website Visitor Retargeting”. Enable the “Sequential Retargeting” option to create different ad creatives for visitors within different time frames after leaving your website.


4. Set up your “Daily Budget


5. Start to set up your “14 days Retargeting Ads

Day 1–3: You can create a campaign that targets the people who engaged with your website but just left within 3 days and delivers a video/image ad for abandoned cart recovery and conversions.



Day 4–7: You can retarget your product page visitors with a Collection ad that highlights your product features and remind them to finish their purchases.



Day 8–14: During the last time period, it’s time to give some discounts for more active promotions. You can create a powerful Dynamic campaign that retargets your shopping cart abandoners with the Carousel ads. A personalized special offer usually rescued your abandoned cart.


6. After editing all your creatives, click “Create Campaign” and you have successfully set up your first Sequential Retargeting campaign! 🎉

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