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How to create your Meta Marketing Funnel to boost your sales during Black Friday?
How to create your Meta Marketing Funnel to boost your sales during Black Friday?
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Have you heard of Meta Marketing?

A recent study showed that 1 in 3 online shoppers say Facebook and Instagram helps them discover new products or services during the holiday season. And product discoveries are easier leading to ultimate purchases. By leveraging Meta's various channels and advertising strategies during different stages of the customer journey, you are able to create a curated Meta Marketing Funnel to efficiently convert your potential customers!

Brief introduction of the Marketing Funnel

As an e-commerce owner or marketer, you have to think from customer's journey and deliver the right messages through your brand's touch points.

For new potential customers, how should we reach out to them? What kind of ad creatives we should deliver to them? For people who have interacted with your brand on social media, how should we bring them into our online store? For your online store visitors, how should we convert them into customers? For your loyalty members, how should we retain them regularly and remind them about your promotion campaigns?

All of the questions can be solved by creating a customized and effective Meta Marketing Funnel.

1. Prospect Targeting

Prospect Targeting involves direct and indirect promotional methods towards a specific segment โ€“ the audience who's most likely to buy your products or services. If you run a brand that sells furniture, for instance, you should target the people who have similar behavior or demographic with your previous buyers. That means you can target the lookalike audience from your existing customer base to gain more sales conversion rates.

2. Engagers Targeting

Engagers Retargeting Ad reaches those who have interacted with your Facebook page or Instagram posts, including people who engaged with any post or ad, who sent a message to your Page, who saved your Page or any post, and drive those people to your website. Since those people may have known your brand and may be interested in your products, this ad will help your website gain valuable traffic.

3. Website Visitors Retargeting

After driving people from different places to your online store, the only goal is to convert them into customers with multiple ways. Website Visitors Retargeting ads will retarget those who have visited your website, no matter which pages they have viewed, and encourage them to return to your website. To retarget more precisely, you can further segment your audiences based on the the behavior they have completed and the retention days are and then deliver the right content to them in different time frames.

4. Dynamic Product Ad

Facebook DPA campaign is deemed to be one of the most effective retargeting ways. It helps you retarget your potential customers who have viewed your product pages or added product items to the cart they just interacted but haven't purchased. The ad delivers the exact same products that people have recently viewed, thus can better remind people of what they have left behind and convert those visitors into customers.

Getting Started with your Meta Marketing Funnel

Let's take a winning Meta Marketing Funnel strategy as an example:

Jenny is selling her handmade bags and just opened her Shopify online store for a month. She would like to plan her brands' advertising funnel. Her goal is to bring more people to her website and retarget them with different kinds of ad creatives.

With Akohub Marketing Funnel, it becomes very easy to create a personalized and customized Meta Marketing Funnel. Here are the steps to create her own Meta Marketing Funnel:

A. Create a Lookalike Prospect Targeting campaign

  1. Choose the Prospect Targeting with Lookalike option.

  2. Decide the Daily Budget for running the prospect campaign.

  3. Use the default audience or create a new one.

  4. Add your product video or brand images. Edit the ad creative content to attract new people.

  5. Click Create campaign to start the prospect campaign.

B. Create a Product Page Visitors Retargeting campaign

  1. Choose the Website Visitors Targeting campaign.

  2. Decide the Daily Budget of your retargeting campaign.

  3. Edit the targeting audience and creative.

  4. Click Create campaign to start the retargeting campaign.

Are you BFCM ready?

As Black Friday Cyber Monday (BFCM) is approaching, creating a solid and effective Meta Marketing Funnel is crucial for winning the most purchase conversions. If you haven't decided your strategies and designed your marketing funnel, please try to adopt the above tactics to keep your sales conversation going with a marketing strategy across channels and touch points.

Shopping should be filled with joy, not friction. Feel free to reach out to us by initiating a chat conversation with us if you'd like to learn more marketing strategies.


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