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Shopify Marketing Event integration
Shopify Marketing Event integration

Integrate your Ako Facebook campaigns into Shopify marketing section.

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Hi there,

We just launched a new feature - Shopify Marketing Event integration!

The newly released feature can help you track your campaign performance in your Shopify Marketing section directly. Our app links your Facebook campaign data and the Shopify marketing events once you create a campaign. When your potential customers click your ads that were created by Akohub and land on your Shopify website, the tracking data will be saved and shown on the dashboard of the marketing event section.

You can easily track the attributed data, including your ad impressions, how many visitor sessions you've reached, how many added to carts or purchased orders you've achieved. The dashboard is updated super quickly and you can understand which campaign brings the most orders for you.

Please feel free to create a new campaign and start tracking your campaign performance more easily. Also, let us know what you think then!


Akohub Team

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