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We are excited to launch the new feature "Shopify Collection based Facebook Catalog" that allows you to sync product data from a specific Shopify collection to Facebook system automatically. A custom Facebook catalog can be used in your ad creation and Facebook shop.

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Previously, it's not easy to create a custom Facebook catalog that contains products specifically from a Shopify collection. However, we've built the feature for you! You can find it directly from the Products page in our app:

By clicking the "Create Facebook Catalog from Shopify Collection" button, you can choose a collection from your pre-built Shopify collections here.

After the creation process, our app will help you create and maintain your custom Facebook product catalog and an associated product set:

The product catalogs you create from our app will be synced from your Shopify store on a daily basis. If you would like to publish a new product to or remove a product from your Shopify store, the newly updated product information will be synced to your Facebook product catalog system by the following ways:

  • You can manually click the "Upload Feed Now" button in our app and sync the data immediately.

  • The data will be automatically synced to Facebook on your scheduled time. You can adjust the scheduling in the "Settings" section in our app.

To precisely segment your promoted products and adopt each of them into your Facebook retargeting / prospecting campaigns, a custom Facebook catalog can easily help you achieve that goal.

Please feel free to try it now and let us know your feedback or more requests!

Akohub Team

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