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How to share your Facebook ad account with your advertising partner (Akohub)?
How to share your Facebook ad account with your advertising partner (Akohub)?

Assign partner to your Facebook ad account from business manager settings

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When you install Ako Retargeting app, login with Facebook, and complete the ad account connection, your Facebook ad account will be shared with our app for creating your custom ads.

However, if you're not the admin of your Facebook ad account or you're not the admin of your Business Manager, you are not able to assign a partner into your Facebook ad account.

Please reach out to the admin of the Business Manager that your Facebook ad account belongs to. The administrator can follow the steps below to accomplish the permission sharing:

  1. Go to the Facebook Business Settings and find your Facebook ad account in the section Ad Accounts:

    Facebook ad account settings

  2. Click the Assign Partners button at the top right of the ad account and choose Business ID.

  3. Enter Partner Business ID: 778302942313074, enable Manage Ad Account and click Next.

  4. Done

By adding Akohub app as your advertising partner, you're able to create all kinds of retargeting or prospecting campaigns from the app!

If you haven't added your personal ad account into Business Manager, you can check this article to complete the settings:


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