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Integrate with and Reward customers when they leave a review
Integrate with and Reward customers when they leave a review
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Last updated: 2024-05-27

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The integration between and Ako Marketing App allows Shopify merchants to seamlessly incorporate's product review functionality into the Ako Loyalty Program. This will enable stores to incentivize customers to leave reviews, fostering both valuable customer feedback and loyalty.

Merchants can create different product review loyalty campaigns by offering rewards through the Ako Marketing app. For example, set up campaigns that reward customers with points, such as 250 points, for submitting reviews on their online stores. This encourages customers to share their opinions while earning loyalty points.

Before you start

βœ… Ensure you are subscribed to's Awesome Plan and Ako Marketing's Platinum Plan (or above).

Step 1: Connect with Ako Marketing

1.1. Navigate to Integration Settings:

  1. From Ako Marketing admin, navigate to the Loyalty Program > Settings and click Integration.

  2. In the Integrations section, click the "Connect" button for

1.2. Authorize Integration:

  1. Enter your shop domain and click "Sign In".

  2. Click "Authorize" to complete the connection.

Step 2: Set how customers earn points for leaving reviews

2.1. Navigate to Ways to Earn:

  1. Go to Loyalty Program > Ways to Earn Reward.

  2. Click "+Add New" and select "Write a product review".

2.2. Configure the Reward:

Follow the instructions below to set up the reward earning rule:

  1. Name the Reward: This title will be displayed in the "ways to earn reward" section within the loyalty widget.

  2. Reward Type: Choose either Points or Discount Code as the reward type

    Tier-Based Rewards (Optional): If you prefer tier-based rewards, check the option "Different points value based on VIP tiers" and click "Edit value" to customize the reward for each tier.

    πŸ“ For discount codes, you can offer Amount off orders (percentage off or fixed amount off) or Free shipping rewards. You can also set minimum purchase requirements for discount redemption.

2.3. Define Review Content Requirements:
Define what content a review should include in the Reward Conditions section.

  1. Reviewer Eligibility:

    • Any reviewer: Open to anyone, regardless of their purchase history.

    • Buyers only: Only verified buyers will receive the review invitation and are eligible for rewards.

  2. Review Format: Accept any review or only reviews with both title and body..

  3. Minimum Rating: Set a specific rating requirement for reviews to qualify for rewards (e.g., only 5-star reviews).

  4. Reward Expiry: Set an expiry date (from 1 month to 120 months) for the reward issued to the reviewer or make them never expire.

  5. Icon: Add an icon for the reward in loyalty widget. Choose default or upload custom icon.

  6. Save and Activate: Once all settings are finalized, click Save and switch the status to Active.

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