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Exploring ways to earn rewards: overview
Exploring ways to earn rewards: overview
Written by Joanne Chai
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Last updated: 2024-03-29

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Before you start

✅ This feature is available in our Platinum plan(US$49) and above. Please go to Ako Marketing > Service Plan to make sure your current plan is on Platinum plan or above.

✅ Please navigate to the Loyalty Program > Programs and check if Points feature is in an Active status. Click here to check how to enable your point program.

✅ If you haven't installed Ako Marketing App, click here to install.

All available rewards-earning actions

  1. Place an order

  2. Birthday gift

  3. Login with a social account

  4. Complete customer profile

  5. Comment on Instagram Reels / posts

  6. Write a product review (⚡Integrates with on their US$15 plan)

  7. Custom points earning actions (⚡Integrates with Shopify Flow)

Default rewards-earning actions

To add a ways to earn to your point program, go to Loyalty Program > Ways to earn reward, then click on "+Add new" button to add your earning actions. Below are the default earning actions supported by Ako Marketing:

1. Place an order

Reward customers for placing orders and customize the points value based on VIP tier.

2. Log in with social account

Allowing customers to log in/signup your store with their existing social media accounts through Ako's social login feature, and rewards them points or discount codes(including amount off discounts and free shipping) for this action.

3. Complete customer profile

Provide incentives to encourage customers to complete their profiles and collect "gender" and "birthday" information from this action.

4. Birthday gifts

Celebrate customers' birthdays by offering different gifts based on tier levels. This stimulates birthday customers to revisit and make purchases during their birthday month.

5. Comment on Instagram Reels / Posts

Reward customers who leave comments on your Instagram Reels or posts, and grant them early access to special offer. This helps drive more traffic and attracts potential customers to your site.

Check this article to create your first rewardable Instagram promotion:

Advanced earning actions integrated with 3rd Apps

1. Writing a product review

Reward customers for leaving product reviews using You can set reward conditions based on star ratings and review content.

2. Custom points earning actions

You can create custom earning rules using Shopify flow. For example:

  1. Set custom point value based on VIP tier.

  2. Offer flash sale points.

  3. Provide bonus points for specific products.

  4. Double points on the brand's member day.

How customer join point program

Customers can view the list of ways to earn rewards in the loyalty widget.

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