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[Ways to earn] Completing user profile
[Ways to earn] Completing user profile
Written by Joanne Chai
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Last updated: 2024-05-31

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Before you start

βœ… This feature is available in our Platinum plan (US$49) and above. Please navigate to Service Plans from the Ako Marketing panel to ensure your current plan is on Platinum or above.

βœ… Navigate to Loyalty Program > Programs and check if "Points" is in an Active status. Click here to learn how to enable your point program.

βœ… If you haven't installed the Ako Marketing App, click here to install.

Step 1: Navigate to Ways to Earn

  1. Go to Loyalty Program > Ways to Earn Reward.

  2. Click "+Add New" and select "Complete your profile".

Step 2: Configure the Reward

Follow the instructions below to set up the reward earning rule:

  1. Name the Reward: This title will appear in the "ways to earn reward" section within the loyalty widget.

  2. Reward Type: Choose either Points or Discount Code as the reward type.

    πŸ“ For discount codes, you can offer an Amount off orders(percentage off or fixed amount off) or Free shipping rewards. You can also set a minimum purchase requirement for discount redemption.

  3. Birthday settings(Optional)
    Choose whether customers can edit their birthday on their profile. For more details, see: Making birthdates non-editable (optional)

  4. Reward Expiry: Set an expiry date (from 1 month to 120 months) for the reward issued to customers or make them never expire.

  5. Icon: Add an icon for the reward in loyalty widget. Choose default or upload custom icon.

  6. Save and Activate: Once all settings are finalized, click Save and switch the status to Active.

How Customers Edit Their Profile

  1. Log into their account in the loyalty widget.

  2. Go to the Ways to Reward section and click on "Edit" next to the "Complete your profile".

  3. They can manually add the date in YY/MM/DD format or use the drop-down menu to complete their profile.

4. Once saved, they will receive a reward issued email. To automate email notifications for rewards, check How to automate email notifications for your loyalty program?

Common questions

  1. Can I edit the birth date for my customers?

    Yes, go to Ako Marketing > Customers > Use email address or name to find the customer's profile, click Edit,and then Save to change or add the date.

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