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How to Create a Points Program and Enable One-click Redemption
How to Create a Points Program and Enable One-click Redemption
Written by Joanne Chai
Updated over a week ago

Before you start

βœ… Points Program is available in our Platinum plan and above. Please go to More > Service Plans in the navigation bar to confirm that you are subscribed to the Platinum Plan or a higher plan.

βœ… Go to Points Rule Page

Option 1: Go to Loyalty Program > Settings > Click on Points.

Option 2: Go to Loyalty Program > Ways to Earn Reward > Click on Go to points in the Complete point setup section.

Step 1: Name your points program & point currency

  1. Program Name: Give a name to your points program. This name will be displayed on the Loyalty Widget.

  2. Point Currency Name: Give a name to your points currency and enter it in the Singular term and Plural form fields.

Step 2: Customize points earning & redeeming rule

  • Reward Points Value - The number of points a customer earns for every $1 spent.

  • Redeem Points Value - The number of points required to redeem $1 in store credits. Customers can use these credits towards their orders. We automatically convert customers' eligible points into store credits.

  • Maximum Redeem Points - This sets the maximum limit for redeeming points based on the order subtotal (tax and shipping fees are excluded from points redemption). There are 3 options for the maximum redemption limit:

    1. None - The store credit can cover the entire product amount of the order, and customers only need to pay for shipping fees and taxes.

    2. % of the product total - This option restricts the maximum redemption amount to a specific percentage of the product total. For example, if the redeem limit is set to 30% and there's a product valued at $100, then the store credit converted from points can cover up to 30% of the total product amount, which is $30. If the customer's converted store credit is lower than the limit, we will apply all the eligible points for redemption.

    3. Fixed amount - Customers can only redeem a fixed amount per order, regardless of the number of points they have.

Step 3: Set up points calculation range & points issue date

  • Order total - By default, it is set to "Product total" which means points will be calculated based on the total value of the products in the order. If you want to include shipping fees and taxes in the points calculation, please check the box for Include shipping or Include taxes.

  • Points issue date - Define the conditions and timing for issuing points to the customer's account.

  • Points cancelations - When an order with a "Paid" status is returned, refunded, or canceled, the points redeemed for that order will not be automatically refunded. If you need to refund the points, please adjust them manually in the customer's profile.

Step 4: Activate one-click point redemption

Go to Program > Settings > click on "Redemption" and toggle the switch to enable it. This will enable customers to easily redeem their points on the cart page with just a single click.

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