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Embed One-click Points Redemption and Redeem Process Demo
Embed One-click Points Redemption and Redeem Process Demo
Written by Joanne Chai
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Last updated: 2024-03-19

Before you start

βœ… This feature is available in our Platinum plan(US$49) and above. Please go to Ako Marketing > Service Plan to make sure your current plan is on Platinum plan or above.

Select a theme to embed points redemption

  1. From Ako Marketing, navigate to Loyalty Program > Settings > Redemption.

  2. In the drop-down list, choose the theme you want to embed points redemption with. (The current theme will be the default option here.) Once selected, click "Preview in theme" button.

  3. After selecting the theme, you'll then be directed to Theme editor > App embeds section. Please switch "Ako Point Redemption" to enabled status. Additionally, you can change the brand color here.

πŸ“Œ We suggest checking the option "Apply points discount automatically". This will allow the point redemption to be automatically selected by defalut until customers complete their orders.

Go through customers points redemption process

  1. When customers go to the cart page, they'll see the button "Log in to use discount" above subtotal.

  2. Here, click on "Log in to user discount " and choose a method to sign in to their account.

  3. Ako Marketing will auto-convert customers' points into cash discounts and calculate the amount they are eligible to use based on the maximum redemption amount you set. Both cash discounts and VIP-exclusive checkout discounts will be applied to orders automatically.

Common Questions

  1. Can I change the text for the redemption button?

    Yes, you can. Please navigate to Ako Marketing > Settings > Loyalty widget > Text display. All default texts will be saved here. Click on "Edit content" button to change the text.

  2. Do cash discounts and VIP exclusive checkout discounts combine with other discounts created from Shopify admin?

    Yes, they do. All discounts generated from the Ako Marketing App support discount combinations, as long as the discount you create from Shopify is available to combine with order discounts.

    However, if the discounts are created from another 3rd-party Shopify App, please contact them directly and ask if they support discount combination feature.

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