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How to set up a Points Program and enable One-click Redemption
How to set up a Points Program and enable One-click Redemption
Written by Joanne Chai
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Last updated: 2024-05-30

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Before you start

βœ… Points Program is available in our Platinum plan (US$49) and above. Please navigate to Service Plans from the Ako Marketing panel to ensure your current plan is on Platinum or above.

Step 1: Name Your Points Program & Point Currency

  1. Navigate to Points Program Settings: From Ako Marketing admin, go to Loyalty Program > Programs > Click Points

  2. Program Branding:

    1. Program Name: Give a name to your points program. This will appear on the loyalty widget on your website.

    2. Point Currency Name: Name your points currency and add it in both the "Singular term" and "Plural form" fields.

Step 2: Determine Points Reward Value and Redemption Value

2.1. Set points reward value

Determine the number of points customers can earn based on the order amount. For example, earn 1 point for every $1 spent or earn 1 point for every $3 spent.

2.2. Set points redemption value

Determine the number of points redeemed for each $N cash discount. Ako Marketing will automatically convert customers' eligible points into cash discounts and apply them to orders.

2.3. Set points rounding mode

Points are always issued as whole numbers. However, the actual amount awarded can vary based on the selected rounding method under "Convert points by percentage".

Below are the four rounding options available:

πŸ“ Example Scenario:

If the points reward value is set at 2 points for every $10 spent and a customer spends $23:

  • Default Mode (unchecked)
    Calculation: $23 Γ· 10 = 2.3

    Only the whole number part (2) is taken.

    Points awarded: 2 points multiplied by the points multiplier of 2, resulting in 4 points (2 * 2 = 4 points).

  • Round to the nearest integer
    Calculation: $23 Γ· 10 = 2.3

    2.3 points multiplied by 2 equals 4.6 points.

    Rounded to the nearest whole number: 5 points.

  • Always round up
    Calculation: $23 Γ· 10 = 2.3

    2.3 points multiplied by 2 equals 4.6 points.

    Rounded up: 5 points.

  • Always round down
    Calculation: $23 Γ· 10 = 2.3

    2.3 points multiplied by 2 equals 4.6 points.

    Rounded down: 4 points.

Step 3: Set Points Redemption Rules

  1. Maximum Redeem Amount

    Default Value: The default value is 30%, meaning the amount converted from points to cash discounts can only cover up to 30% of the total product amount.

    πŸ“ Example: If a product costs $100, customers can use their points to cover 30% of the total product amount, which is $30. If a customer doesn't have enough points to cover the full 30%, all available points will be applied for redemption.

  2. Minimum Purchase Amount
    Setting a minimum purchase amount encourages customers to spend more, enhancing the average order value.
    πŸ“ Example: If the minimum purchase amount is set to $50, customers will need to spend at least $50 to use their points.

πŸ“ Important Notice

  1. Redemption Conditions: Points can only be redeemed on the subtotal of the product amount.

  2. Maximum Limit: The maximum redemption limit cannot exceed 50%.

Step 4: Set Points Reward and Return Rules

From Ako Marketing admin, go to Settings > Order > Points reward. Here you can specify under which status customers will receive points when placing orders, and under what conditions points are refunded or revoked for canceled orders.

4.1. Points Reward Rule

  1. Order Total
    Determine how points are rewarded and calculated on orders. By default, it is set to "Product total", which means points are calculated based on the total amount of the products. If you want to include shipping fees and taxes in the points calculation as well, check the boxes for "Include shipping" or "Include taxes".

  2. Points issue date

    This determines the conditions and timing for issuing points to customers. There are three options available:

  • Immediately: Issue points right away when customers place an order, even if they haven't paid yet.

  • N days after paid: Issue points N days after the customer's payment has been made.

  • N days after paid and fulfilled: Issue points N days after the order has been both paid for and fulfilled

4.2. Points Return Rule

If customers cancel or ask for refund on their orders, you can decide how to revoke and return points on the orders with refunded, partially refunded and voided status.

  1. Order Rewarded Points Refund

    This rule determines whether customers can still receive reward points from their cancelled orders.

    1. Proportionally: Only revoke the points from canceled products, customers still receive points from the remaining products in their order.

    2. Full: All points from the entire order will be revoked.

    3. None: No points will be revoked. Customers remain eligible to receive points from their order, even if the payment status is refunded, partially refunded, or voided.

  2. Redeemed Points Refund

    When a customer cancels an order or returns an item, you can decide how to refund the points that were redeemed on the original order. The expiration for returned points will remain the same:

    1. Proportionally: Points will be returned only for canceled products.

    2. None: No points will be returned to the customer.

Step 5: Decide When to Run VIP Tier Validation

Ako Marketing reviews each customer's assets, including total amount spent and points earned, to check their eligibility for unlocking a new tier with every order placed. You can further customize the timing for running tier validations.

  1. Immediately: Check a customer's eligibility for upgrading right away each time they place a new order, even if they haven't paid yet.

  2. N days after paid: Check a customer's eligibility for upgrading to a new tier N days after their order has been paid.

Step 6: Launch Points Rule

Click the "Activate" button to launch your points rule.

Step 7: Configure Ways for Customers to Earn Points

Ako Marketing provides at least 7 types of points-earning actions to enhance customer engagement(e.g., social login rewards, birthday rewards, product review reward). To complete setting up your points program, refer to this article: Exploring ways to earn rewards: overview

Step 8: Activate One-Click Point Redemption

Once your points program is finalized, enable point redemption to allow your customers to officially redeem their points on orders. Ako Marketing offers a one-click redemption feature to simplify and streamline the checkout process. Points will be automatically calculated and applied to orders; customers only need to log in to their account via a social media account or email.

For detailed instructions on how to activate point redemption, check this article:Embed one-click Points Redemption and redeem process demo

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