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[Ways to earn] Connecting a social account
[Ways to earn] Connecting a social account
Written by Joanne Chai
Updated over a week ago

Last updated: 2024-04-18

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Before you start

βœ… This feature is available in our Platinum plan (US$49) and above. Please go to Ako Marketing > Service Plan to ensure your current plan is on Platinum plan or above.

βœ… Please navigate to Loyalty Program > Programs and check if "Points" is in an Active status. Click here to check how to enable your point program.

βœ… If you haven't installed Ako Marketing App, click here to install.

1. Steps for rewarding the "connect a social account" action

  1. From Ako Loyalty admin, go to Loyalty Program > Ways to earn reward > Click Edit next to the "Connect a social account"(this is a default reward).

  2. Name the reward, this title will be displayed in the "ways to earn reward" section within the loyalty widget.

  3. In the Reward Type section, choose either Points or Discount Code as your preferred reward type.

    πŸ“ Note: A discount reward includes an amount off discount and free shipping. In addition, you can set minimum purchase requirements for your discounts.

  4. Reward Expiry: Set points' expiration (1-120 months) or make them never expire.

  5. Icon: Add an icon for the reward in loyalty widget. Choose default or upload custom icon.

  6. Once finished, click Save and switch the status to Active.

2. How customers can connect their social accounts

Customers have 4 options to connect their social accounts and receive rewards:

  1. Option1: Click the "Log in to use discount" button embedded on the cart page:

  2. Option2: Log in through Shopify's default login page.

  3. Option3: Log in through Ako Marketing's loyalty widget.

  4. Option4: Use the "Log in" link during checkout.

3. Common questions

  1. Will the reward repeat if customers connect multiple social accounts?
    NO. The reward will be awarded to the customer once per lifetime.

  2. If existing members initially registered with an email, will they also receive the reward if they log in with a social account?

    Yes. Existing members who initially registered using an email can still use other social media accounts to log in to your store through Ako Marketing's social login feature. Additionally, if the email address associated with customer's social account is the same as the one they initially registered with, our system will automatically merge them into the same customer profile.

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