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Guide to Enable One-Click Social Login on Your Shopify Store.
Guide to Enable One-Click Social Login on Your Shopify Store.
Written by Joanne Chai
Updated over a week ago


Boost signup rates and effortlessly expand your customer base with Ako Social Login. Enable your customers to easily become members using their preferred social accounts, including Instagram, Google, Facebook, and LINE. Gain valuable insights and retargeting lists through our customer report.

Before you start

✅ This feature is available in our FREE Starter Plan or above. Please go to More > Service Plan to make sure your current plan is on Starter Plan or above.

Enable Social Login on account page

  1. From Ako Marketing Retargeting Ads dashboard > go to Settings in the navigation bar.

  2. Under Social Login > Login options, enable the social login options you want to provide:

    1. Instagram login

    2. Facebook login

    3. Google login

    4. LINE login

  3. Toggle on Account Page Social Login, this allows both existing members and visitors to log in to your store using their social accounts on the account page:

💡If existing members have already registered with an email, they can still use other social accounts to log in to your store through Ako social login.

For example, let's say Amy initially registered with her email on your store. Later, if she forgets her password, she can click on "Google Login" and use her account to log in to the store. When our system detects there are two identical email addresses, we will automatically merge them into the same customer profile and label Amy with "ako_social_google" in the Shopify backend. So there will only be one Amy in the customer profiles.

Enable Social Login on loyalty widget and customize styles & text (optional)

  1. If you're running the Instagram promotion campaigns or loyalty program, please toggle on Show Widget under Widget Display.

  2. Once the Loyalty Widget is enabled, it will be visible on the storefront, allowing customers to log in as members and engage with your store. They can join VIP programs, earn rewards, access Instagram promotions, and much more.

Text Display

  1. The Loyalty Widget is initially in English. To translate the text, click on Edit text display under Text Display.

  2. Customize the texts display for Visitor, Rewards, Vip Tiers, and Account panels. (If you haven’t enabled the VIP program, you can skip the fields within Vip Tiers.)

  3. Click Save when you’re done.

Appearance - Widget Button

Use the real-time preview on the right for the following customizations:

  1. Select the button type for the Loyalty Widget, which will be displayed on the storefront.

  2. Under Placement choose the best position for the Loyalty Widget button on the storefront: Bottom Left, Bottom Right, Center Left, or Center Right.

  3. Fine-tune the button position with Side padding and Bottom padding.

  4. Pick an icon for the Loyalty Widget. You can choose either the Default Icon or "Custom Icon." For custom icons, click +Upload to upload your icon, ensuring it is in a 1:1 ratio and in PNG, JPG, or SVG format, with a file size smaller than 50KB.

  5. Customize the Button color and Text color for your Loyalty Widget.

  6. Click Save when you're finished.

Appearance - Widget Color

  1. Set the Primary color for the main color of the Loyalty Widget.

  2. Customize the color of the Heading Text and Body Text color on the widget.

  3. Click Save when you’re finished.

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