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How to Enable Email Notifications for Your Loyalty Program?
How to Enable Email Notifications for Your Loyalty Program?
Written by Joanne Chai
Updated over a week ago


With Ako Marketing Retargeting Ads, you can send personalized notifications to your customers, increasing engagement and driving more orders. Remind your customers to take advantage of their points and rewards with our email notification feature.

Before you start

✅ This feature is available in our Gold plan and above. Please go to More > Service Plan to make sure your current plan is on Gold plan or above.

Step 1: Enable the notification types and customize your email copies.

  1. From Ako Marketing Retargeting Ads dashboard > go to Program > in the Settings section, click on Email.

  2. You will find 6 types of email notifications available:

    1. Points Earned: Notify customers when they earn points.

    2. Celebrate a Birthday: Send birthday greetings and inform customers about birthday points or discounts.

    3. Points Expiry - 14 Days: Remind customers about points that are expiring 14 days ahead.

    4. VIP Tier Unlocked: Notify customers when they unlock a new VIP tier.

    5. Rewards Earned: Inform customers about rewards they've earned.

    6. Rewards Expiry - 14 Days: Remind customers about rewards that are expiring 14 days ahead.

  3. Click on the Edit button for the notification type you want to enable.

  4. Customize the email copy in the following fields, click on Save to save your changes.

    1. Subject: Title of the email.
      * Example: Celebrate Your Special Day with Birthday Points!

    2. Title: The primary headline of the email copy.
      * Example: Happy Birthday! You’ve earned a birthday gift.

    3. Content: Additional message or description in the email.
      * Example: You’ve earned {{points}} points!

    4. Button: The text of the Call-to-Action (CTA) button that brings the customer back to your store. By default, it directs them to the homepage.
      * Example: Redeem your birthday points!

  5. While customizing the notifications, you will notice email variables such as {{points}}, {{rewardName}}, etc. Do not delete these variables, as they serve specific purposes:

    1. {{points}}: Refers to the amount of points the customer earned from actions they completed.

    2. {{rewardName}}: Refers to the name of the “Ways to earn rewards” you’ve enabled.

    3. {{expiredDate}}: Refers to the expiry date of rewards or points held by customers.

    4. {{vipTier}}: Refers to the name of each VIP tier. Customers will see their current tier name in the email.

Step 2: Complete Sender Information.

  1. Under the Preview section, click on Complete sender info to customize the information displayed on your emails.

    1. Sender Name: Input your brand name here.

    2. Email Address: Input the email address where customers can reply to your emails.

  2. To add your logo to the emails, click on Upload Logo, you can choose an image from your Shopify files or click on Upload images to use another image from your device. This logo will be visible in the emails.

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