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How to assign your Facebook Pixel to your Ad Accounts?
How to assign your Facebook Pixel to your Ad Accounts?
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The Facebook Pixel is an analytics tool that helps you measure your ads and website conversions. You can use the Facebook Pixel to understand the actions people are taking on your website and reach audiences you care about.

After installing your Facebook Pixel on website, you’re able to track your conversions from your ad results. If you’d like to connect your Facebook Pixel with multiple Facebook Ad Accounts for performance tracking, you need to assign your Facebook Pixel to your Ad Accounts:

1. Go to the section Pixels in your Facebook Business Settings. (“Data Sources” > “Pixels”)

2. Select the Pixel that you’d like to assign Ad Accounts to.


3. Check if your personal account has been added as “Manage Pixel” in your Pixel. If not, please click “Add People” and select related individuals as the “Manage Pixel”.


Turn on “Manage Pixel” to create, edit and view pixels.


4. Click “Add Assets” and select the Ad Accounts you want to assign your Facebook Pixel to. Click “Add” and Done.


5. Click “Connected Assets” tab to check if the Pixel is successfully connected to Ad accounts.


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