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How to connect your Facebook ad account with Akohub?
How to connect your Facebook ad account with Akohub?
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Akohub helps you create a custom Marketing Funnel campaigns across Facebook, Google, and Email channels for your e-commerce store. To create advanced Facebook ads via our app, you need to share your Facebook ad account with our Business Manager: Akohub #778302942313074.

Here's the instruction to connect your Facebook ad account with our Akohub app:
1. Please go to your Facebook Ad Account section in your Business Manager Settings: Click the "Assign Partner" button.

2. Click the "Business ID" button in the Assign Partner dialog.

3. Enter our Akohub's business ID: 778302942313074 and enable the "Manage campaigns" access.
(Optional) if you'd like us to check your Facebook Pixel event configurations, please enable the "Manage Ad Account" access.

Connect your Facebook page with our app

Please also grant your Facebook Page's permission to our Business Manager via the same process.

Once you complete the account connections, please go to our app and reload the Account Page again. You will be able to create advanced Facebook campaigns through our app then.
Please feel free to message us if you have any questions. We're here to help.

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