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How does the attribution of the campaign results work?
How does the attribution of the campaign results work?
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The data in our dashboard is consistent with the data in your Facebook Ads Manager. The attribution of the campaign results follows Facebook's attribution system.

To see the actions taken directly on your ad, such as Impressions, Reach, Clicks, or Ad Spent, you can view the respective metric columns. For actions taken off your ad, such as Revenue, Viewed Products, Added to Carts, or Purchased, Facebook attributes these actions to your ad if they happened within a specified number of days. By default, we show these actions based on a 1-day view and 28-day click, which means your dashboard will show these actions if they happened within 1 day of someone seeing your ad or within 28 days of someone clicking on your ad.

Conversion data (Revenue, Viewed Products, Added to Carts, and Purchased) are counted in your reports on the day the click or view happened instead of the day conversions occurred. For example, if a person saw the ad on Jan 1st but converted on Jan 6th, you will see a conversion on Jan 1st.

By default, Facebook uses a last-touch attribution model, which means it will attribute full credit for a conversion to the last Facebook ad the person clicked or interacted with. If the person did not click on an ad, full credit is attributed to the last Facebook ad viewed. If they clicked the ad, it will get attributed to the ad clicked. If they didn't click, it's attributed to the most recent Facebook ad they saw.

The conversion numbers will continue to update through the 28 days following the end of a campaign. If you're pulling your ads attribution data into your data storage, you may want to backfill it with the final numbers after the full 28 days have passed.


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