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4 steps to create your first Instagram Reels Promotion Campaign.
4 steps to create your first Instagram Reels Promotion Campaign.
Written by Joanne Chai
Updated over a week ago

Before you start

✅ This feature is available in our Gold plan ($19/month) and above. Please go to More > Service Plans to make sure your current plan is on the Gold plan or above.

Connect your Facebook Page and Instagram Business Account
Refer to this article: to check if you've linked both.

Allow access to manage Instagram direct messages

  1. Go to your Instagram business or creator profile.

  2. Tap on the top-right corner and select Settings.

  3. Select Privacy > Messages.

  4. Under Connected Tools, toggle on Allow Access to Messages.

Step 1: Select an account

  1. From Ako Marketing dashboard, go to Campaigns > click the "+Create Campaign" button.

  2. A marketing funnel will appear on the screen, please select Instagram Reels Promotion > Click Continue and Start Editing Campaign.

  3. Select the Facebook page already connected to your Instagram business account.

Step 2: Set up campaign automation

2.1. Select a Reel or Post connect to your promotion

Click the “+Select” button and choose one published reel or post to connect with your promotion campaign.

🔔 Don't forget to mention the promotion in your reel/post caption or announcement. This will encourage your customers to leave a comment and get the rewards.

2.2. Customize keywords and messages

  1. If you enable "Enable specific keywords detection", the system will only send messages about special offers and rewards to commenters who leave comments containing specific keywords. You can add keywords in the "If comment contains the keywords" field(press Enter to add the next keyword).

    *If you want to send messages to any comments, simply disable Enable specific keywords detection.

  2. Customize your direct message and public message here. If you turn on “Reply in comment” the system will leave a reply and remind the commenter to check their inbox when they leave a comment.

2.3. Set up rewards

✅ Points rewards are available in the Platinum plan or above.

✅ Visitors need to register as members to redeem points on their orders.

  1. You can choose between Discount Code, Points, or None as rewards for those who leave a comment. If you select the discount code option, you can choose from the discounts created in your Shopify admin.

  2. (Optional)Set the expiration period for point rewards(1-12 months) or choose to make them never expire.

  3. In the Website URL field, enter the URL of the product or special offer you want to promote. The URL will be converted to a short URL when sent as a message to track performance.

Step 3: Enable the Loyalty Widget for store members(optional)

  1. If you want to encourage more store members to interact with or join your Instagram promotion campaign, it's recommended to announce the promotion on the loyalty widget. The loyalty widget will be displayed in a visible location on the storefront. You can use the preview section to customize an attractive announcement message specifically for your members.

  2. Double-check the details of your Instagram promo campaign and click on the "Create Campaign" button at the bottom.

Step 4: Add ways to earn a reward

  1. After creating the Instagram promo campaign, navigate to Loyalty Program and select Ways to Earn Rewards.

  2. Click on the "+Add New" button and choose "Comment on reels". Enable the switch for Status to activate the reward.

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